Great Tanolis [Present]

The lives of great people make great stories. And no one can tell these stories better than the people themselves.

Nawabzada Salahuddin Saeed Khan Tanoli
(Present Nawab Amb) 
(Former Federal Minister Pakistan) 
(Five Times Member National Assembly 1985-1999)
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Malik Rabnawaz Khan Tanoli 
(President Kashmir Council UK)

Muhammad Younis Tanoli 
(Advocate-General NWFP)

Ashraf Khan Tanoli 
(Former Advocate-General Balochistan)

Mohabbat Khan Tanoli
Assistant Controller Hazara University Mansehra. Belonging to Dheri Mera(Muslimabad) again an area comprising a bulk of tanoli. Also well known person in this locality for his political and social tasks.

Junaid Khan Tanoli 
Ex-district vice mayor of Abbbottabad Sherwan

Professor Mohammad Ayub Khan Tanoli
Retired Professor Muhammad Auyb Khan Tanoli is the famous personality in the field of Education in Hazara Division. 
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Advocate Supreme Court & High Court
Khans of Chanseer (Dist Oghi) 

  • Saleem Khan Tanoli
  • Iqbal Khan Tanoli
  • Mohammad Ayub Khan Tanoli 
  • Khurashid Khan Tanoli
All four brothers are social cordial and generous personalities of village chanseer (10km ahead from Sheer Ghar). Saleem Khan Tanoli and Khurshaid are the well known Educationist in the field of education in Hazara division.

President of "Young Blood doner Society (Abbottabad)".
President of "Social Society of Gohar Abbad (Havelian)".
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Advocate Shoukat Khan Tanoli
Social and political personality.
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Habib-ur-Rehman Tanoli 
(Former Minister for Local Government NWFP)
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Prof. Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman Khan Tanoli
(Chairman Ruet-e-Hilal Committee Pakistan)
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Dr Tahir Hameed Khan Tanoli
(Great scholar and Mufti)